A Neon Jazz Interview with Alvin Queen

(While not specifically tied to Kansas City, this is great interview with an incredible musician. We hope you enjoy it!)


June 2019
An Interview with a King of Jazz Drumming
By Joe Dimino, Founder & Voice of Neon Jazz Radio

Each and every interview conducted by Neon Jazz is always full of revelatory, self-actualized and fresh stories from the world of jazz and a true testament to the human condition. Some are from Kansas City, while others are from New York and many more dot the expanse of this fine world of ours. One of those done back in April 2019 was with the amazing Alvin Queen. From his home base of Switzerland, he graciously opened the pandora's box to a life of jazz that is so full of stories you almost need to take a break to let it all soak in. From his time with Oscar Peterson to sitting front row at Birdland next to Elvin Jones while John Coltrane performed, Alvin has traversed the world of jazz time and time again. Each sentence was profound and his humanity was uplifting. It's an interview you really should hear.